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On the Way

On the Way is a Confirmation Preparation resource for young people and catechists. It's based on a fifteen-session course that uses the Gospel according to Luke as a framework and deals with the main areas of basic Christian teaching.

Throughout Luke’s Gospel, there are many references to Jesus ‘setting his face towards Jerusalem’. It’s a constant journey for him as he winds his way to that city and the place of his saving death and resurrection, facing up to all that will happen. It reminds us that we all make the journey with Jesus to Jerusalem, and that he accompanies us on our journey through life.

The web site does not replace personal catechetical teaching – it complements and resources it. Through this site, each of the fifteen sessions can be explored in more details online, where the young people can continue the learning at home. Please be aware of those young people who do not have Internet Access and try to make provision for them so they are not excluded. You may, for example, want to encourage them to team up with a friend on the course who has access.

Young People

Young people will need to register on the site before they can gain access to the Youth Area and then log in each time they visit. The registration form includes setting up their own username and password, which they must use for the duration of their membership.


Clergy and Catechists, too, will also need to register to gain access to their pages. These pages consist of Outlines for each session, and downloadable resources for use in the sessions such as Liturgy Sheets, Dramas, Games and Activities. Clergy and Catechists will obviously be able to access the youth section of the site, too by registering and logging in each time you visit.  In the Catechists Area sign-up form; you will also need to set up your own username and password.

Parents and Sponsors

There is also some information for parents and sponsors of those being confirmed. We hope that this area will be soon developed further to include information for all members of the Faith Community whose responsibility it is to support young people preparing for Baptism, Confirmation and life afterwards!

The Web

One of the joys of having a web based course, is that the site can be frequently updated without the cost of printing or having to produce new copies of the course – as well, of course, as utilizing the internet as a tool for learning and communication. However, the course can be used without using the web site facility. Copies of the course will soon be available (with a charge for covering printing costs). Even if you are using the web site you may find it useful to have a copy of the course in case you have some technological crisis one week!

At the moment, there is no charge for the use of this web site. We are still in the trial stage and as things develop we may need to make a small subscription charge.  However, at the moment, it's free!  And the Registration and Log-in facility is so that we can keep up to date with who is using the web site. However, if you wish to donate to the upkeep and continuing development of the site then you are encouraged to do so!

The Future

Although this site is based around a specific course of fifteen sessions that uses the Gospel of Luke as a framework, we hope that it will continue to develop so that we can offer even more resources to parishes and clergy to help young Christians on the way.

This Web site is an initiative of the Diocese of Llandaff Youth Department and is written by the Youth Chaplain, Fr Dean Atkins.

Text copyright Dean Atkins © 2009