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Daily Office – also known as Divine Office - a series of Prayer of the Church for different times of the day and for every day of the week, with Morning and Evening being the principle prayer times. The word ‘office’ comes from a word meaning obligation.

David, St – the patron Saint of Wales. He died at the turn of the 6th century. He lived a very simple life and later founded 12 Monasteries. He finally settled at a place called ‘Menevia,’ now known as St David’s, where he set up an abbey. His Feast Day is March 1st.

David, King – David probably died around 970 BC and was the first king of the Judean dynasty. In the Jewish tradition, David is an important figure. And in the New Testament, Jesus is said to be an ancestor of David.

Deacons – one of the three orders of Ordained Ministers in the Church. Their ministry includes helping the priest in worship and pastoral care. They are called to preach the Gospel, and can also baptise. The first deacons were appointed to care for the poor and distribute money. Among the first Deacons were St Stephen and St Philip (Acts 6:1-6)

Dean – the title of a priest who has been given supervision for something in particular. For example, the Dean of a Cathedral looks after the day to day running of a cathedral, along with Canons. Area Deans help the Bishop in looking after certain areas of the diocese called Deaneries.

Death – even when faced with death, Christians have a sure ground for hope and confidence and even joy because Jesus, who shared our human life and death, was raised from the dead and has shown us that death is not the end.

Disciples – in the Christian sense this is anyone who follows Jesus. Jesus had many disciples but chose twelve of them to be his apostles.

Diocese – the area governed by the bishop, and divided into parishes.

Duty to our Neighbour – we learn our duty to our neighbour from the Ten Commandments and the teaching of Jesus. By ‘neighbour’ we don’t mean just our next-door neighbour but anyone we know and meet. We are taught to: love, respect and help our parents, to show respect for the life God has given us, to be clean in thought word and action, be honest and fait in all that we do, to speak the truth, to resist temptation and not be envious, greedy or jealous, and to be thankful and generous. Jesus taught as to love our neighbour as ourselves.