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Faith – the word is used in two different ways. First, it can refer to the Christian Faith and all that we believe as found in the Creeds. Second, it is can mean a trusting acceptance of God and all that he wants for us and the world.

Font – the receptacle for the water of baptism. In early times, when adults were baptised by being fully immersed in the water, it was a large basin below ground level. But with the common practice of babies and children being baptised it was raised above ground level and became smaller in size.

Forgiveness – this is central to the Christian Life. We believe that through Christ’s death and Resurrection we are forgiven our sins. As Christians, we are also called to forgive one another.

Franciscans – an Order of Friars who follow the rule of St Francis (who lived 1181 – 1226). Their distinguishing mark is complete poverty. They wear a brown habit.

Friar – the title of a brother or member of one of the Religious Orders of the Church called ‘Mendicants.’ This strange word means that their community weren’t allowed to own property. They work or beg for a living and are not bound to one convent by a vow of ‘stability.’

Friary – the place where Friars live

Funerals – the rites by which the dead are buried. Even though it’s a sad time for those concerned, for Christians it can be seen as a time of joy because we know that through the Resurrection of Christ from the dead we have been made to live with God forever.