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Habit – the name given to the garment worn by members of a Religious Order (monks, nuns, friars). Different colours are worn by different orders: but are usually white, brown or black. These days not all Orders wear them.

Halo – a halo is a ring of colour or light that circles the head of Christ or the Saints in a religious paintings.

Healing – Jesus healed many people and the church continues his healing work through the sacramental rite of healing. In response to faith and prayer, by the laying on of hands or anointing with oil by a priest, God’s grace is given for the healing of body, mind and Spirit.

Heaven – is to enjoy God for ever

Hell – the alienation which results from our rejection of God

Hermit – someone who, for religious purposes, lives a solitary life.

Herod – Herod the Great was appointed as King of the Jews by the Romans. During his reign Christ was born.

Holy – set apart by God

Holy Eucharist – this is the central act of Christian worship. It is the sacrament commanded by Jesus to continually remember his life, death and resurrection. In the Holy Eucharist we are united to Christ’s sacrifice of himself. The word Eucharist comes form the Greek word meaning ‘Thanksgiving because when Jesus gave us the Eucharist he ‘gave thanks.’ (1 Corinthians 11.24 and Matthew 26:27) In the New Testament there are four accounts of how we came to be given the Eucharist by Jesus. The Eucharist has been celelbrated since the earliest Christian community in Jerusalem.

Holy Oil – the Church, like many other religions, uses oil in its worship. There are three different kinds of oil. The Oil of catechumens, the Oil of Chrism, and the Oil of the Sick. They are usually blessed and consecrated at the Chrism Eucharist (or Mass) on Maundy Thursday.

Holy Saturday – the day before Easter Sunday. It commemorates the resting of Christ’s body in the tomb. See Easter Vigil Service.

Holy Spirit – the Holy Spirit inspires all that is good in humankind; he came in his fullness at Pentecost as the giver of life in the church, and he enables us to grow closer to Christ.

Holy Week – the week that marks the last week of Jesus life – from Palm Sunday to Easter Day. The three most important days of Holy Week are Mandy Thursday, Good Friday and Holy Saturday.

Homily – another word used for a Sermon

Hope – ... ..... .....

Host – this is a name given to the thin, round bread for the Sacrament of the Eucharist

Hymns – religious songs of praise and worship