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Icons – religious paintings of Christ or the Saints that are very common in the Eastern Orthodox Church but are now popular in the Western Church.

Incarnation – the belief that, in Jesus, God took became a human being in the womb of Mary and was born into the human situation, to experience human life and death and to show us how to live.

Incense – incense is used in many religions. The smoke symbolizes our prayer rising to God. It was used in the worship of the Jewish Temple and references are made to it in the book of Revelation. This may suggest that it was used in early Christian worship, too. It’s often used in public worship in an item called a thurible - in order to incense the altar, church, people, etc.

Intercessions – a name commonly given to the Prayer of the Faithful in the Eucharist. Intercession is any kind of prayer on behalf and for others.

Interfaith dialogue – this means the different religions of the world talking to each other so that we can understand each other and help people to be tolerant of each other

Islam – the religion founded by Mohammed. The word means submission to the will of God. A follower of Islam is called a Muslim. It’s beliefs are found in the Koran and the Sunna and contains Arabian, Jewish and Christian elements. Muslims believe that Jesus was a prophet.

Iona Community – an ecumenical community of men and women on the Island of Iona. Iona is a small Island of the Inner Hebrides. St Columba founded a monastery there in the sixth century and it became the centre of Celtic Christianity. The present day Iona Community was founded in 1938 by Rev’d George Macleod (a Church of Scotland Minister). The Community is committed to seeking new ways of living the Gospel of Jesus Christ in today’s world. www.iona.org.uk