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Electronic Cigarettes

Kyrie Eleison – a phrase that means ‘Lord have mercy.’ From an early time it has been used in Christian worship. It forms one of the Penitential acts at the beginning of the Eucharist.

Kingdom of God – the Kingdom of God is the rule or reign of God, where God’s will is obeyed and carried out and all live together in peace, love and justice. Jesus preached the Kingdom of God showing how people should live. He said, ‘The kingdom of God is very near.’ In the Lord’s Prayer we pray for the Kingdom of God to come, and for his will to be done.

Kingdom Season – a season of the Church’s year observed by many churches from the beginning of November until Advent Sunday. Labyrinth – a labyrinth is a circular path that takes the individual to the centre. It has been used by Christians since medieval times to represent the Spiritual journey we make in life. Many European Cathedrals have labyrinths of stone built into the floor, though a labyrinth can be made of anything, such as canvas with paint, hedges, stones, or paper or wood. Some are small and hand held It has become a popular activity in the modern day church, and often accompanied by Audio Visual and hands on Activities along the way. For example www.labyrinth.org.uk