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Nave – the part of the traditional church building where the people sit.

Nazareth – a village in Galilee. It was the home of Mary and Joseph and where Christ was brought up and lived until he began his ministry.

Neophyte – the word comes from the Greek meaning ‘newly planted’ and refers to a new convert to Christianity, someone who has recently been baptized.

New Testament – the collection of books that make up the second half of the Christian Scriptures, from the birth of Christ to his Resurrection and Ascension and the growth of the early church.

Nicene Creed – a statement of belief agreed in AD 325 by a council of the Church

Night Prayer – also called Compline. Part of the Ordered Worship of the church for different times of the day – also called the Divine Office

Non Conformist – a phrase used to describe Protestant churches who do not conform to the established Church. It’s applied to the Presbyterians, the Congregational Churches, Methodists, Quakers and Baptists.

Non Stipendiary Minister – a minister, it could be a priest or a deacon, who does not receive a stipend (or income) from the Church. The usually support themselves financially with their own employment.

Nunc Dimitis – also known as the Song of Simeon, sung as the Canticle at Night Prayer (and in some Anglican versions of Evening Prayer). Simeon greeted the child Jesus with the words, Lord you your servant go in peace, according your word. For my eyes have seen Salvation, a light to lighten the Gentiles and the glory of your people Israel.’

Nuns – a female member of a Religious Order