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Offertory – the part of the Eucharist when the gifts of bread and wine are presented by the people at the altar. A collection of money is often taken and offered too.

Oil of the Sick - the oil used in the Ministry of Healing to anoint the sick. In the letter of St James, we read….

Oil of Chrism – the perfumed oil consecrated by the bishop on Maundy Thursday, used to anoint the newly baptised, those being confirmed, those being ordained priests, kings and queens, and church buildings!

Oil of Catechumens – the oil used to anoint those preparing for Baptism

Old Testament – the collection of books that make up the first half of the Christian Scriptures and the whole of the Jewish Scriptures.

Ordination - one of the sacramental rites of the church which gives authority and the grace of the Holy Spirit to those being made bishops, priest and deacons. It is done by laying on of hands by bishops.

Orthodox Church – a family of churches in Eastern Europe. Also referred to as the Eastern or Greek or Russian Orthodox Church. The present day Eastern Orthodox Church derives from what was known as the Eastern Roman or Byzantine Empire. The final separation between the Eastern and Western Church happened in the year 1054.