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Tabernacle – For Christians this has come to mean a small, often ornamental, receptacle for the vessels that contain the Blessed Sacrament. By tradition, a lamp is kept burning before it.

Taize – an international, ecumenical community in France, founded by Brother Roger in 1940, and consisting of lay people and Religious (See Religious Orders). It has become a place of pilgrimage, especially for young people. They work for Reconciliation between people. They are well known for a certain type of music, which uses chants and meditative and repetitive phrases. www.taize.fr

Temple of Jerusalem – the idea of a national shrine of the Jews at Jerusalem came from King David, although the first ever Temple dates back to Solomon. The first temple was destroyed in 586 BC and the structure of the Second Temple was desecrated again in 167 BC. The grandest of Temple Buildings was built by Herod the Great – in order to make himself popular! This was the Temple standing in Jesus’ time. When the Romans destroyed Jerusalem in 70AD worship at the Temple stopped.

Temptation – usually meant to refer to being tempted to sin, although it can also mean a ‘trying’ or ‘proving’. God gives us free will to make our own decisions and to act and say things freely. We may be tempted to do or say wrong things. However, God also gives us the strength and ability not to give in to behaving in a bad way.

Temptation of Christ – after his baptism Jesus spent some time alone (40 days) in the wilderness. In the Gospel we read of how he was tempted three times by the devil. Jesus knows what it’s like to be human. But he didn’t give in to sin. (Mark 1:13, Matthew 4:1-11, Luke 4:1-13) See also Baptism of Jesus.

Ten Commandments – the commandments revealed to Moses on Mount Sinai and engraved on two tablets of stone. They are a clear rule of life, of religious and moral teaching. The Ten Commandments were summed up by Jesus by instructing people to love God and their neighbour. He also said, ‘I give you new commandment. Love one another as I have loved you.’

Theological College – a college where men and women train for Ordained Ministry.

Thurible – a metal vessel for burning incense in worship. The container is usually connected to a chain so that the thurible can be swung.

Transfiguration, The – this word relates to Jesus appearing in glory during his earthly life. We are told in the gospels that Jesus took Peter, James and John up a mountain (traditionally Mount Tabor) where they saw him transfigured with Moses and Elijah. It’s an important event because it shows that all the prophecies of the prophets and the Jewish Law pointed to Jesus as the Christ or the Messiah, and it gives a glimpse of the future glory that he was to have. The Feast of the Transfiguration is celebrated on August 6th.

Trinity, Doctrine of – the belief about God as Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

Trinity Sunday – the Sunday following Pentecost Sunday that focuses on God as Trinity: Father, Son and Holy Spirit.