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Electronic Cigarettes

The following and other books by David Gatward are particularly good. They deal with a number of different issues and provide prayers from a teenager’s point of view and in their language.


Can We Talk, Lord?
Prayers from a teenage heart

David Gatward
(Kevin Mayhew, 1998)
ISBN 086209223X

There is a whole series of books written by David Gatward that explores prayers and issues in down to earth, teenage language!

Check them out - either as a resource for your ministry among young people or as an ideal gift to help young people with prayer!



Word on the Street
previously known as "The Street Bible"

Rob Lacey
Zondervan, 2003
ISBN 0007107900

It's not the Bible but it just may get young people into it!  Here is an interpretation that uses street language to help get to the heart of Scripture and bring the Bible alive in a new way!


It's a Love Thing

Prayers about the ups and downs of falling in love.

David Gatward
(Kevin Mayhew, 2002)
ISBN 1840039019


  Multi Sensory Prayer

Over 60 innovative ready-to-use ideas.

Sue Wallace
(Scripture Union, 2000, 20001)
ISBN 185999462


  It’s Me Again Lord

Prayers for teenagers.

David Gatward
(Kevin Mayhew, 2002)
ISBN 1840038683