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The official 'e' website for the Diocese of Llandaff Youth Department
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Welcome to the Youth Section!

The Youth Section of the web site is for Young People preparing for Confirmation in parishes that are following the On the Way Course. However, even if your parish is using another form of preparation for Confirmation this site will still be useful for you in learning all kinds of things about the Christian Faith.

You will need to register to access the pages, and then log in each time you visit. When you get to the Youth section you will see that there are fifteen different Sessions.
These Sessions correspond to the session you explore in your Confirmation Preparation Group.

After you have explored the Session in the Confirmation Class, simply visit the web site and click on the corresponding session to explore and learn more!

You can also explore other things by clicking on the A - Z button on the menu. Any words that you do not understand in parts of the Youth Area may be available in this extensive online dictionary. The words that are available with definitions are underlined in green in the main content of the website. Click on the words to be taken straight to the words' meaning!

Many of you will have been baptised as baby or young child and so Confirmation provides an opportunity to make a public expression of faith. In Confirmation we ask God to strengthen us with his Holy Spirit in a new way so that we can carry on what we have been given in Baptism and continue to follow Jesus.

Baptism and Confirmation go together! They are part of what we call Christian Initiation. To find out more about Confirmation visit the section on the menu bar.

So, what are you waiting for?!  Register now!